Claims Handling Process

If your preventive measures fail and your customers do not pay their invoices in due time, we will start our work by sending a payment request. This summons asks a debtor to pay his or her debt within a rather short deadline and provides information about the legal consequences of non-payment. After receipt of the payment request to pay, our specially trained colleagues enter into verbal and/or personal negotiations with your debtor.

A key to successful collection is to inform the debtor about the process that is about to unfold and about his or her options in an objective manner. We seek to help your debtors to find the optimum solution for settling their debt as soon as possible by way of conducting negotiations and entering into various agreements. Communication in the process is not limited to written correspondence– naturally, we use various means to keep contact with your debtors, including fax, e-mail, phone and personal visits.

If they agree to a payment scheme, we monitor that all instalments are paid in due time and make sure that your debtor proceeds in compliance with the terms and conditions of the agreement, if necessary.

If the above steps do not persuade your debtor to perform his or her obligations, we will suggest that you ake use of our personal contact service.

As for bad debts, the payment requests sent and the statements made by us can be used as evidence in any subsequent legal proceedings, so you can successfully raise your claim in an eventual payment order procedure, judicial enforcement procedure, liquidation procedure, or lawsuit. If required, our partner Law Office can also provide you with professional legal counsel and representation in any official proceedings.

You can count on us to

  • locate your missing debtors
  • send out payment requests
  • negotiate
  • discuss
  • handle complaints
  • enter into agreements
  • monitor and track
  • do the paperwork
  • attend personal meetings
  • collect your receivables

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