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What must I do if I receive a payment demand?

Read the letter carefully to check if there is a legal relationship of any kind (e.g. subscription, public utility contract etc.) between you and the creditor. If there is, review all invoices/payment orders you have received from the creditor to verify that you paid all your liabilities in due time. If your records show that the debt specified in the payment notice has already been paid, forward the corresponding certificate (e.g. registration slip, bank order slip etc.) to the creditor or the accounts receivable manager. If your records confirm that your liability is overdue indeed, pay your debt by the deadline indicated in the notice or contact your creditor/accounts receivable manager to arrange a repayment scheme, if necessary.

What is accounts receivable management? What can happen during accounts receivable management? How did the accounts receivable management company learn of your debt? Are the data processing activities and other operations of the accounts receivable management company legal? Why were you served a payment notice? Why is it important for you to contact the accounts receivable manager after receipt of a payment notice? How to settle your debt? What happens if you don’t pay your debt? What procedures may be launched against you by the creditor? What should I do if I have any complaint?

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