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Would you trust a stranger with the future of your company?

A customer without the means or willingness to pay you may even destroy your company. Have your customers rated before contracting in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises!

Test us! Send us a sample of your customer base for us to rate, free of charge!

We have developed a comprehensive customer rating service for our clients so you can learn more about your prospective partners and minimise the risks of the business decisions you take. The rating is based on the registered corporate data, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements of Hungarian and foreign undertakings, as well as the liquidity and equity structure indicators typical of the given industry.

After analysing the data in detail, our software calculates an intelligent CC score – a figure between 0 and 100 – for the company being rated. A higher score indicates stability, while a lower score gives you a fair warning of the business risks you may have to face. Our consumer risk forecast is prepared on the basis of the above score and our experience regarding the payment morals of the company, with a view to giving you guidance in a consolidated form on whether you should enter into a contract with the rated company or not.

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  • mitigate your business risks
  • rate your new and current partners
  • screen your suspicious customers
  • calculate your credit line

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