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Despite our best efforts, some cases may not be solved out of court for various reasons (e.g. the debtor refuses to cooperate, fails to keep up with the payment scheme, challenges the debt etc.).

Credit Controll Kft. is pleased to provide its customers with support in enforcing their lawful interests, even in the most specialised contentious and non-contentious proceedings.

Our clients are welcome to contact our lawyers with any question at any phase of the accounts receivable process, and they will give professional legal counsel on the matter.

Our partner law firm specialises in the field of debtor management and, upon request, is at the disposal of our clients to pursue, in a contentious or non-contentious proceeding, any claim that cannot be enforced in a collection procedure, and to act on behalf of the creditor in any insolvency-related court proceeding.

Experience tells us that taking action in conjunction with our lawyers can deliver surprisingly good results.

Our legal partner:

You can count on us to

  • provide legal counsel
  • represent you as a creditor

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