Receivables Management

It is an inevitable and sad fact that, sooner or later, every company has to face the problems caused by debtors failing to perform their payment obligations in due time – or not performing such obligations at all.

Businesses need to spend valuable human and financial resources on the management of their receivables, which may cause serious problems for day-to-day operations.

Reliance on a professional partner to collect your receivables for you can bring major benefits to your company; such a partner will use its considerable professional expertise, practical experience, advice and cooperation, and its specialised workforce and financial resources – in addition to, or in place of your efforts - to undertake the management and collection of your receivables.

Credit Controll Kft. can offer you its assistance using its more than ten years of experience, specialised expertise, solid legal background, international network, and various legal means and processes specifically designed and fine-tuned to collect outstanding receivables.

You can count on us to

  • collect your receivables
  • reduce your operating costs
  • free up human resources
  • give professional advice
  • provide legal representation

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