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The key to our success


The shorter the period between the maturity of a debt and the commencement of the collection procedure, the more chance you have of a return. In this spirit, we contact the debtor as soon as possible to arrange for the settlement of the debt, thereby reducing the costs of financing your receivables.


We need to be efficient in terms of spending and effective with regard to collected debts. Keeping this twofold requirement in mind, we are able to successfully collect an exceptionally high ratio of debts entrusted to us. You can save additional financial and human resources by having your receivables managed by us.


The management of accounts receivables is a sensitive area, so we need to keep our actions simple, objective, and lawful to ensure the satisfaction of both our clients and their debtors. It is essential not to lose your customers because of how you manage your accounts receivable. To this end, the manager of your accounts receivable needs to provide objective information, carry out debtor monitoring and keep contact with your debtors on a continuous basis, and act under the framework of the applicable legislation at all times, using brief procedures and applying simple rules.


The manner in which we represent you toward your customers certainly matters. All our colleagues have been selected using the most rigorous selection process, and the work of our lawyers specialising in our field of activity meets the highest professional standards. In addition to gaining diverse and thorough knowledge of common business practices, we offer continuous training options and exams to ensure that our colleagues knowledge and expertise is up to date.


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