Claims management

Our mission is to protect your finances. We help your company’s operations remain stable. Work with us to take action in time.

Claims management

Our mission is to protect your finances. We help your company’s operations remain stable. Work with us to take action in time.

Keep your finances secure!

In the long run, accumulating a lot of outstanding receivables can result in financial instability for your business, which can make external funding necessary. Having lots of old receivables can significantly affect your cash flow, which can cause poor financial results and unprofitable operations.

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Claims management Credit Control

How does claims management work?

The key to efficiency is a well-structured process, as well as the time factor. Our goal is to quickly recover your claim while maintaining good business relations.

Each stage of our procedure consists of precisely designed steps. We pay special attention to the way we communicate, with the aim of ensuring that customer relations remain amicable.

Credit Control helps defaulting partners to settle their debts as soon as possible through negotiations and agreements. Where agreements on payment facilitation are in place, we monitor whether instalments are paid on time. We send payment notices, negotiate, conclude agreements and handle complaints.

Our process takes a significant burden off your business and your finance department.

An additional advantage of our business model is that we work on a success fee basis, so we only charge you when outstanding payments actually come in.

Legal procedure

We also have solutions for transactions that require the use of legal procedures. In cooperation with the law firm we work with, which specialises in claims management, we make a proposal for proceedings, either in or out of court, to facilitate a solution.
By jointly analysing the information collected during the claims management phase, we work out a strategy that ensures you can recover what is owed to you.

Cooperating with our legal partner helps us achieve exceptionally good results even in the most difficult cases.

Improve your cashflow by selling your receivables!

By selling your overdue receivables, you can relieve the burden of having to collect debts, and strengthen the financial liquidity of your company.

By selling your receivables, and thus removing them from your ledgers, you can significantly improve year-end financial results.

Our MNB-licensed company specialises in buying overdue receivables, whether the total amount is small or large.

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