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Invoice Management

Do you prefer doing business with your customers or doing the paperwork?

Invoice tracking is a considerable administrative burden and the management of overdue invoices may have an adverse impact on your business relationships: “How much longer should I wait? He is a customer, after all. But what if he doesn’t pay?” Sounds familiar?

Remember that your clock starts ticking at the very moment the invoice becomes overdue! Statistics show that the more days pass without payment, the greater the risk to the eventual satisfaction of your claim.

We propose that you to trust us with the management of your invoices, from issuance until payment, so you can reduce both your administrative burden and customer risk at the same time! We keep track of your incoming payments in a transparent and efficient system, and start the accounts receivable process in just a few days after the deadline.

Do you wish your partners paid your invoices on time and your cash flow picked up speed? Call us!

You can count on us to

  • strengthen your customers’ financial discipline
  • track your invoices on a daily basis
  • accelerate the payment of your invoices
  • prevent the need to write off any claim
  • provide online daily access to the management process

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